Richad Alan SHepherd


Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter & sensational solo-artist Richard Alan Shepherd was always destined to entertain.  Born in the Bronx, New York, and raised in Miami Beach, Florida, Richard’s entire life changed at sixteen years-old when his football coach took him to see Motley Crue – his very first rock concert.  The energy, the excitement, the entire atmosphere of the arena…it was all like a neon arrow sign pointing radiantly towards his own future – and Richard would instantly start to follow this enticing new path.  Dedicated to the art & craft from this moment forward, he’d go on to join the Rock Ensemble of his high-school and have his first onstage experience of his own, performing and singing for the crowd in front of him, not yet knowing this event would set off an unstoppable chain reaction for his career.


He was more than captivated by making music; he was completely hooked and relentlessly passionate, always ready to break through to the next-level.  Richard refined his style & sound playing for audiences throughout the local Miami scene, soon releasing his debut solo record Sha Ma Lé, before making the most pivotal decision for his music-career to-date & boldly uprooting himself to move to New York.  Awaiting him there was his brother Jean Shepherd; together they started the band Radio Mundial and were immediately picked up & signed by Palm Pictures under the direction of legendary label-moguls Gary Kurfist (Jane’s Addiction, Talking Heads) and Chris Blackwell (Bob Marley, U2).  Radio Mundial would go on to release two spectacular & colorfully exotic records, La Raiz and Momento Eterno, which highlighted the impressive instrumentation & crossover sounds of the two brothers at their unified best.

Radio Mundial opened a ton of new doors and opportunities, and Richard would carry the established momentum back into his solo career, releasing a stunning second record called Every Dogs Day under the name Heroeck in 2013.  Encouraged by the support, love, and enthusiasm shown by fans around the globe for his new material, Richard dialed-in to his creativity, passion, and songwriting like never before, discovering powerful new melodies and music that authentically connected to the mind, body, and soul of those listening.  Richard Alan Shepherd would go on to release the Times Of Gold EP and South Of 5th EP in the years to follow, continuing to build a massively loyal fan-base through the release of his music & videos online & taking the time to genuinely reach out personally to his listeners through social media.

In 2018, Richard Alan Shepherd released his most remarkable record so far, the Shadow Songs EP.  Not only was he performing the singing/songwriting duties, but he immersed himself right into the art on both sides of the studio-boards for the recording sessions, taking on additional roles as a producer & audio engineer, while also leading the rest of the band of ace musicians & playing multiple instruments.  With his most bulletproof material full shimmering & catchy hooks that can’t denied and Richard’s own signature smooth, melodic, and hypnotic vocals, Shadow Songs revealed the sincerity of this solo-artist like never before – and by becoming more involved in every moment of his latest EP, he discovered a clarity in the process that brought out his very best in all the right ways.  Shadow Songs had the sound that Richard had always been reaching for & seeking to create, fully realized, and uniquely identifiable.

With over twenty-five collective years in the music-industry, Richard has spent his lifetime dedicated and happily consumed by the art of sound.  If there is one thing that he’s learned for certain throughout his amazing journey & time spent making music, it’s that he’d happily play for at least twenty-five more.